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[ # ] Who gave Barbara Walters the Chicken Pox?
March 4th, 2013 under The View

Barbara Walters was back on The View this morning for the first time since mid-January and she explained her absence. We all know that she fell and banged her head the weekend of the Inauguration and while she was at the hospital she was diagnosed with Chicken Pox.
She told her co-hosts that she went to a party in Florida earlier in January and hugged a well known actor who will remain nameless. That mysterious actor discovered after the party that he had Shingles. The newslady never had Chicken Pox, and people who haven’t can get the viral infection from someone who has Shingles. So now we are left to wonder who he is, I know I am curious. Let’s start guessing??? Brad Pitt? George Clooney? Andy Garcia? Sylvester Stallone?
Then Walters explained it wasn’t Chicken Pox keeping her off the air, but a concussion similar to the one that Hillary Clinton had. Doctors put her on bed rest until she was better. And now over a month later, she is better. And we are happy to have her back!



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