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[ # ] End of the World is anything but a disaster!
February 23rd, 2013 under Syfy

Tonight at 9p End of the World crashes down on Syfy and you don’t want to miss the disaster movie to end all disaster movies.
Owen Stokes (Greg Grunberg) and Steve Palmer (Neil Grayston) work in a video store and have watched every disaster movie ever made. Because of that they have been preparing for the end of the world. Then one day their dream will come crashing down as electric meteors hurl towards earth destroying everything and everyone in its path. It is up to them, Owen’s girlfriend Selena (Caroline Cave) and Steve’s mom (Merrilyn Gann) to stop the apocalypse. In order to that they will need to free mad scientist Dr. Walter Brown (Brad Dourif) from a mental institution because he knows how to end it. But with time running out and meteors destroying their path, their movie might not have a happy ending.
Tune in to see if watching disaster movies is the best doomsday prepper that anyone can ask for in this fun movie that airs on Syfy tonight at 9p.
Recently I was on a call with some of the cast and talked about some of the fun times they had making the movie.
Owen’s cousin Max (Mark Hildreth) is a douche who is trying to steal Selena away from him. In one scene the cousins battle it out and Greg Grunberg explained how much fun that scene was to film when Hildreth took it to a Three Stooges level. He said, “So you kind of go oh the next take I want to make it funnier and funnier and I’m going to go bigger and louder and it just got so ridiculous. It was a little bit of it in there though I got to say like I was happy.” Then he added, “I thought oh god these guys, you know, Syfy fans that run a, you know, an apocalyptic video store. The last guys who know how to fight or how to really protect themselves. You know, so it was such a sloppy, fun moment.”
This movie also helped to give Neil Grayston some much needed revenge for something that scared him when he was kid. He described a scene he did with Dourif, “There’s a certain point where I don’t drive manual in real life like I have before, but it always seems to be in the weirdest vehicles. Either it’s a crazy super powered sort of expensive vehicle like a Subaru WRX or it’s this van that we had that at a certain point was only running because one of the teamsters went underneath it with a bungee cord and did something, I don’t know. But somehow the engine was being held together with a bungee cord and there’s a certain point where I have to drive the van and I think that was maybe our first scene together Brad and there’s no seatbelts—there’s nothing—and I just sort of accelerated and kept on going because I was like I don’t want to stall this van on this take. We don’t have much time left in the day. Then the Eureka star added, “I think I might have given Brad a heart attack. But you know what? I was thinking about it. I think that’s payback for me being terrified by Chucky as a child but I’m just going to say that.” To which his childhood tormentor responded by saying “Good for you. I’m very glad I f*cked your childhood up. That’s my job.”
So look out for these scenes and many more fun ones tonight in End of the World on Syfy at 9p.



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