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February 8th, 2013 under CBS

The Job debuts on CBS tonight at 8p and it is a must watch. Whether you are applying for work now or plan to at anytime in the future, then you have to watch this show. Each week several people will apply for a job at leading company on the show and only person will get it. The panelists will go over their resumes and then have them do tasks related to job, so the people hiring them could decide who is the best candidate. Once they are done with the challenge they will be given one more test to see who is the most worthy for the position.
While The Job is a reality show, it is also a great lesson for anyone who is applying for a position. You will get tips about what you should and should not do during a job interview. There are a lot of wrongs that many of us make in the job hunting process and this show teaches us not to do them again.
Who knew reality television could be so educational and practical? So if you need a new job or will be looking for one, then you really need to watch this show every week. I know I will be!



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