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[ # ] Do Al Roker and Willie Geist have something to tell us?
February 7th, 2013 under Do they have something to tell us?, TV News

This morning on the Today Show Willie Geist was doing a segment about his and her Valentine’s Day gifts. One of the items was a lip balm that tasted like one thing for her, and another for him but when you combine them with a kiss you get a yummy combination of the flavors. Well Geist and Al Roker were so obsessed with how the Peaches and Cream would taste together throughout the segment that by the end of it they decided to kiss. It was so special for the NBC hosts, that the weatherman had some roses rain down on him to give to Geist. Their love was so special it was heating things up inside the studio. I am forecasting some hot temperatures for the two of them in the near future.
In all seriousness, I love that we can have a same-sex on a morning news show. I say we need more same-sex kissing and less Matt Lauer in the morning! Seriously can NBC please have Geist replace him already because unlike Lauer he is watchable and likable!



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