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[ # ] Meredith Vieria explains her love of pigeons!
February 7th, 2013 under TV News

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If you are like most people, then you hate hate hate pigeons. Well Meredith Vieira revealed to Us Weekly that she loves them in “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me”. So why does she love the flying rats? In the thing before her she professed her love, she said “My first day in New York, a pigeon pooped on my head.” They say that if one of them sh!ts on your head it is good luck. And I guess considering how her career is going, she did have some good luck that day. Because afterall she got out of the Today Show before Matt Lauer became the man he is today.
Oh and when the Who Wants to be A Millionaire host said that she loves pigeons, she also admitted that she loves hats. Does anyone blame her?
Now back to the old saying of how it is good luck to have a bird sh!t on your head, I always thought that was a way of making the person with bird poop on their head to feel better. I mean does anyone feel good with avian crap on their head?



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