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[ # ] Bradley Cooper still lives at home with his mom!!!
February 6th, 2013 under Bradley Cooper, Jimmy Kimmel

Bradley Cooper was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! yesterday and he told the ABC late night host what he was doing when they announced the Oscar noms. He said he woke up and was going to take his dog out on run, but then he decided that 5:35a was a little too early to do that. So instead he told Kimmel that he woke his mother up to watch it with him. So without missing a beat, Kimmel responded with, “Oh you’re still living with your mom?” To which the Oscar nominee replied with his head held down in shame that he was. Then Kimmel asked him who woke up who and Cooper said, “She was sleeping right next to me, and I just said…I just leaned over and was like, ‘Hey baby, wanna get up and watch the…'” Once the Hangover star realized he took the joke too far, he said “This is getting so sick.” Even though it went to a level that his mom is going ground him over, I think it is so cute that he still lives with his mother. Doesn’t it make People’s former Sexiest Man Alive a little sexier?
And before the actor came out, JKL had a segment where they asked people on the street “Who you would rather kiss, Bradley Cooper with the flu or a healthy Jimmy Kimmel?” Well as you would expect every woman said they would risk getting sick just to be kissed by Cooper. And I have to say, I would do exactly the same thing! So Bradley Cooper if we should ever meet up, I will take a kiss from you no matter how sick you are!



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