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[ # ] Charlie Sheen says Lance Armstrong should get a paper route!!!
January 30th, 2013 under Charlie Sheen, Jay Leno

Charlie Sheen is a guest on The Tonight Show tonight and Jay Leno asked him what he thinks about Lance Armstrong. The Anger Management star said that he is kind of a douche. Then he explained that he met him once, and he acted like he was better than everyone else. As we all know now, he is anything but.
Sheen didn’t only talk about the shamed doper, he also explained to NBC host why he gave Lindsay Lohan $100,000. He said that she was shorted that amount of money for her work on Scary Movie 5, so he gave it to her to even out what she was owed. He added had he known it was for taxes, he would’ve given her half.
He also thinks she will get out of all of the trouble she is in. Um, maybe he is slipping again if he believes that. Joking, I think he is a completely different man than he was two years ago! Knowing him them and seeing him now, who would’ve ever thought he would turn out to be such a noble guy?



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