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[ # ] Jimmy Fallon gives Lucy Liu a creamy white facial!
January 30th, 2013 under Jimmy Fallon

Lucy Liu was on Late Night and Jimmy Fallon challenged her to an elementary game with a twist. The two of them played Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie. Which is the game we all know, but the two of them were behind a cut out picture and the loser of each round had to turn a device to see if they would get a pie to the face. The person who was creamed twice was the loser. Well one of Charlie’s Angels lost the first part of the first two rounds the game, but not the second part. Then the NBC late night host lost the next two hands and got two pies to the face. Even though she won, she still kept turning the thing and nothing happened. So Fallon picked up the cream filled pan and hit her in the face with it. I guess you can say she had it coming to her.
Can I tell you I have so much more respect for her after this game. Because she could’ve walked away with a clean face, but she didn’t. Pretty brave of her.



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