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[ # ] Nothing says Christmas like slaves and whores!
December 18th, 2012 under Anne Hathaway

Remember when Christmas movies were all about love and cheer, well this year it is about slaves and whores thanks to Django Unchained and Les Misérables. And instead of being about cheers, they about tears. So the two biggest stars from those movie had a Sad-Off on Funny or Die and I am not sure who won Anne Hathaway or Samuel L Jackson. Both of them had their sad points and their depressing points, so I am not sure either one can go home happy. Kind of like any movie goer who goes to see either one of their movies on the 25th for a Jewish Christmas. That is why I am going with Parental Guidance, it is a different kind of sad, a sadness I can live with. You know it is easier to accept that Billy Crystal and Bette Midler finally did a film together and that was a result than anything you will see in the two Oscar nominated tearjerkers. Yes they have not been nominated yet, but those fuddy-duddies like those type of movies that the rest of us don’t, so you know they will be vying for that little gold statuette!



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