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[ # ] It’s time for a wedding on Royal Pains!
December 16th, 2012 under USA Network

Tonight at 9p you are invited to watch Paige (Brooke D’Orsay) and Evan (Paulo Costanzo) get married in Royal Pains on USA and you don’t want miss them saying I do!
It is wintertime in the Hamptons and after dating for a few seasons, Paige and Evan are ready to tie the knot. Their big day is almost perfect, but they want nothing more than a white wedding. Well sometimes when you get everything you want, things go wrong. Not only do they get snow, they also get a storm and their guests can’t get to them. So now their big wedding might become a small one. Tune in to see how their special day turns out.
But it isn’t only about the wedding tonight, Hank (Mark Feuerstein) is still suffering from the explosion at Boris’ house. Hank hasn’t told anyone how bad it is, but it will get to the point that others will notice. Will they catch what is wrong with him before it is too late?
Then there is Divya (Reshma Shetty) who is still not over Rafa (Khotan Fernandez), the two of them will meet somewhere and something big will happen between them. Is it enough to reunite them or will it be the end of them?
And this episode is not only about the present, we also learn more about the Lawson brothers before they moved to The Hamptons. You will be surprised by some of their actions in the past. Plus we learn why Evan wanted Hank to move to there with him…
There is a lot that happens during this two hour special event and you don’t want to miss a single second of it. And make sure to bring the tissues because there will be tears and there will also be a lot of laughter and joy in this enjoyable telemovie.



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