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[ # ] Ke$ha talks stalking, breaking into celebs’ homes, wearing fans’ teeth and sex with a ghost!
December 5th, 2012 under Conan O'Brien, Kesha

Most late night hosts are happy when their guests give them at least one juicy story when they are talking to them on the show, and Ke$sha gave Conan O’Brien 4 of them in less than 4 minutes!
First she told Conan how she stalked Iggy Pop until he agreed to be on her album. She wouldn’t stop harassing him until he said yes, and now it is her favorite song on Warrior.
Next up he asked her if it is true she breaks into celebrities houses and she said yes. She would go under their gates and then enter their private residences. One of her targets was Prince and she claims he was excited and surprised to see her. That I find hard to believe because he is so private even when he is public.
It didn’t stop there, then the TBS late night host had to find out about the teeth she collected from her fans. As we all know she already made a headdress out of the first set of teeth, and now she is making a bra out of the next group. When he asks her about that all puzzled, she says “When you say it like that, it sounds really weird. But it looks really cute.” Ummm it is really weird no matter how you say it.
Finally he had to ask her if she really did sleep with a ghost. She responded by saying, “I did. Go to. The bone zone. With a Ghost.” Conan and everyone who watches this will just sit there in shock with that info and mental image. She then went into details and said she didn’t know his name because he is a ghost. Finally she said Mr Unknown caressed her and “It was a sexy time. It wasn’t like sex, uh.” No words!
I have to admit Ke$ha is definitely one of the most interesting guests I have ever seen on a late night talk show and you know I have watched a lot of interviews.



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