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[ # ] Will Lauren and Ryan hook up on Go On?
November 20th, 2012 under NBC

Go On is the big sitcom hit for the fall and tonight at 9p on NBC you can find out why. That is if you don’t already know!
Matthew Perry plays Ryan a recent widower who was forced by his job to go to a therapy group to deal with his loss. Lauren Bennett (Laura Benanti) is the counselor/leader of the group and I think that the two of them have such a sweet chemistry together that I want them to hook up on the show.
Well I was recently on a conference call with the EP Scott Silveri and he talked about what would be coming up for the second half of the season. He said that they were, “kicking around ideas for a nice relationship for Matthew, so maybe we’ll find somebody interesting there. A little flirtation for him because that’s an inevitable direction for the show to go in.” Well if that is the inevitable direction, I had to find out that does that mean that there is a chance for Ryan and Lauren to become something more? Silveri responded by saying that at this point they will remain as is because they have plenty of time for that. He explained, “It wouldn’t be appropriate given the situation, nor is it something that really interested us as a bunch of writers. So you know, it’s not something we’ve written to.” He then added, “That said, they have fantastic chemistry and the scenes we’ve done with the two of them together are strong, and the scenes with a hint of flirtation are really strong. So you know, nothing is off the table for the long run, but I think the one mistake we could’ve made there is running straight to it, and we’ve managed to control ourselves there, as easy and fun as it would be to write.”
Benanti was also on the call and she felt the same way. She told us, “And in terms of playing this person, she has so much more integrity than that, you know, than to just like jump on the handsome dude whose wife just died.” Then she added, “So you know, it’s – I feel like having them connect on a friendship level and on a level where like she’s helping him is so much more interesting and shows so much more respect for the audience.” Benanti concluded her thoughts by saying she respects how the writers have been writing Ryan and Lauren’s relationship so far. And then Silveri chimed in by saying, “Until we’re stuck and we can’t come up with a story, then it’s…” Even though I see their point, I am hoping that the writers get stuck soon because I really want the two of them together. Who else is with me?



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