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[ # ] Megan Fox heats up the Wedding Band tonight!
November 17th, 2012 under Megan Fox, TNT/TBS/TCM

Tonight at 10p Megan Fox joins her baby daddy Brian Austin Green on TBS’s Wedding Band and we get an episode that everyone can enjoy!
When Mother of the Bride play a wedding at Comic-Con, the most popular actress at the convention falls for Tommy (Green). Where ever Alexa Jordan (Megan Fox) goes, Sci-Fi geeks are sure to follow. Two of those geeks aka teenage boys make Tommy an offer he can’t refuse. They ask him to play their party, so that the band can make them popular. Tommy refuses, but the band insists he does the gig and we get an episode that every high school nerd dreams of. This one hour episode is the best teen geek movie since Weird Science, so take that ’90s wannabes.
A big reason why this episode is so brilliant is because of Fox and recently on a conference call her husband explained how she got the job. The Transformers beauty was not the first or second or third choice for the role. When the other actresses who were up for it were not able to do it, desperate measures were take. Green explained, “I had already spoken to my wife about the episode and kind of what was going on and she graciously said that, you know, if nothing else worked out that she would step in and kind of rescue us and she did. And I thought she was great. I thought she kicked ass.” That she totally does. The best part is you get to see the two of them bed together, so in a way you get a glimpse of how their son was made!



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