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[ # ] Are you friends with these type of people on Facebook?
November 17th, 2012 under Jimmy Kimmel

Today is the 3rd annual National UnFriend Day on Facebook, a day Jimmy Kimmel Live came up with two years ago. If you unfamiliar with the holiday basically he is asking you to UnFriend the people on Facebook you are not really friends with. To get you started the show came up with types of people that you follow that you wish you didn’t. We all have them you know the Model Friend who loves to post sexy photos of herself and you think she looks sad in all of them. Or the Political Friend who only posts stuff about their political views and you just don’t care what they have to say. Then there is Instagram Friend who only posts stupid pictures of their food and feet, who the f*ck cares. The one friend that drives me crazy that wasn’t on his list, is the Depressing Friend, you know the ones who only posts about deaths and illness. What type of Facebook people drive you crazy?
BTW if Jimmy Kimmel and I were friends on Facebook, he would so UnFriend me because I am one of those types. Can you guess which one?



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