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November 16th, 2012 under Obits

Hostess Brands announced today that it was ceasing operation because the f*cking bakers did not come back to work because they were forced to take a pay cut when the company filed for bankruptcy several months ago. So that means our supermarket shelves will no longer be carrying Wonder Bread, Sno-Balls, Twinkies, Ring Dings, Yodels, Zingers, Home Pride, Funny Bones, Ho Hos and Fruit Pies to name a few and our world is a little sadder. It also means that over 18,000 people are out of work because those bakers did not come back to work because of a pay cut.
So to those Bakers Union who put over 18,000 people out of work and killed the Twinkie, I have two words for you; the first word is FUCK and the second one is YOU. I hope you feel sh!tty about yourselves because you deserve to. And BTW no matter how much they asked to cut out of your salary, it is so much more than you will earn tomorrow. $0.00 is always less than whatever a cut is. I mean Hostess has said they would have to liquidate if the bakers didn’t come back to work and yet they still show up. So today millions of people are depressed because of a few greedy bastards. I just don’t get.
Let’s hope that when Hostess Brands sells off their brands that the all the non-bakers who lost their jobs today because of the Bakers Union are all hired by the new bosses. When it comes to the bakers who didn’t cross the picket line, I hope you find a job elsewhere after all of those people you forced out of a job find one.



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