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[ # ] The Life of Pi star has a beautiful way of describing movie magic!
November 15th, 2012 under Jimmy Kimmel

First time actor Suraj Sharma was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he told the ABC late night host how he got the role he had intention of auditioning for. His brother has been in two movies and he got a call to audition for the Ang Lee film. Since he was too nervous to go by himself, he asked his brother to join and if he did he would get a Subway sandwich. So Suraj went and was sitting around waiting when his brother’s casting agent said why don’t you try out. Well he did and he got the role, but no Subway sandwich.
Now even though the 19 year old college student is new to acting, he has a beautiful way of describing the art of making movies. He said, “The thing I like best about movies is you are telling stories. You’re dreaming all of these dreams. And it is not just you, it’s like the entire crew and everybody comes with their own little skills, their own little dreams and they form this big one. Then you just send it our into the world and maybe if you get lucky it will touch someone’s heart.” That sentiment touched my heart so much, that now I want to see a movie that I had no intention of going to see.



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