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[ # ] Brandon Routh talks about his emotional character on Partners!
November 12th, 2012 under CBS

Brandon Routh has been known for playing a soap stud, a superhero and a super villain, but on CBS’s Partners that airs Mondays at 8:30p he is starring as a Mennonite nurse who is living with his partner Louis who is played by the always entertaining Michael Urie.
So since he has played those type of rolls in the past, last week I asked him what drew him to this role. He told me, “Obviously it is very funny.” Then he elaborated by saying, “Usually when a role comes along that is very opposite what people know me as, I guess with this character, Wyatt is gay. That is playing against a stereotypical type. In essence as we saw in last week’s episode, Wyatt is kind of like Clark. So in that regard, he is similar to characters I have played. So I like the innocence. I like playing those type of characters, finding that aspect of them, bringing them out. Quirky characters appeal to me. And to be working every day on a comedy, makes life more enjoyable.” And our weeks are more enjoyable watching him on this sitcom about different type of Partners. You have Wyatt who is dating Louis. Then there is Louis’ business partner Joe (Dave Krumholtz) and he is engaged to his partner Ali (Sophia Bush). Got it? Good!
What makes Partners work really well as a show is the chemistry between the cast. When I asked him about that, he told me “We all kind of clicked. We are all humble people, who wanted this to be the best project it could be. So grateful that we are in it and we became fast friends.” So when you become fast friends like that, what is like when you have to kiss one them. That person was Sophia Bush and the two have worked together in the past. What did he think of that moment? He shared this with me, “Awkward, you know because I have known her for so long. And she reminds me a lot of my sister, Sara. In all the good ways and not the bad ways.” Now before you are all like poor Sophia, wait until read what she said about it.
While he was pretty emotional talking about that kiss, I had to know more about the emotional Wyatt. Here’s how he described that, “Well it is funny he is the emotional one, but sometimes he lacks emotion. So Wyatt is interesting character to play. I kind have to always check in and go OK, where is this on Wyatt’s emotion meter. Is this a time where he is going to react or is he calm and rises above all of the craziness that happens. It’s cool. It’s a nice thing to be able to do. It makes him unique to everyone else.” The joke about that for people who are missing out on this hilarious show, is that Wyatt doesn’t really show emotion, but he says he does. It’s what I adore most about his character.
Brandon has two jobs now, he is starring in Partners and in real life he is the father to his three month old son Leo with his wife Courtney Ford. He is enjoying working on both of them, and tonight he is getting a second job on Partners. He previewed the episode by saying, “‘Temporary Insanity’ is pretty fun. RoRo (the secretary at Louis and Joe’s company) goes on vacation and Wyatt becomes the temp secretary. So I have a pretty heavy episode and I have a lot of fun. Scenes causing, but not meaning to, trouble between Joe and Louis’ relationship.” Oh no. Don’t worry now that he knows what his boyfriend does for a living in a few weeks, Louis will do the same. Here’s his sneak peek of what is to come, “We go to the hospital. We see him at work. Louis sees him at work and maybe gains a better appreciation for Wyatt’s job as a nurse even though he doesn’t like letting anyone know he is a nurse.” You see Louis tells everyone that Wyatt is a Jewish doctor, I get his confusion Mennonite nurse and Jewish doctor a very similar. Correct?
It is that type of humor that keeps people tuning in every week at 8:30p. If you have never seen this show, then you are missing out on a show that is fresh, funny and fantastic. We all need to start off the work week with a smile and that is exactly what Partners does. Plus they keep putting Brandon Routh in tight revealing shirts, what more do you need? Laughs and a body from heaven! So after dinner, sit down with your partner and watch Partners on CBS Mondays at 8:30p.



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