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[ # ] Bones tackles 9/11 tonight in a poignant episode!
November 12th, 2012 under Bones

Tonight at 8p on Fox Bones goes where it hasn’t gone before, 9/11. When Bones reads Phil Jackson book, she decides to bring in all of the interns to solve the cold cases. At first they all work on their own to prove that they are the best, but Vaziri has yet to solve one case. So when Brennan calls him on it, he says it is more about finding out who the person is than solving all of the cases. As he looks more into his case, he finds out that his person, a homeless man actually died on September 11, 2001. Now all of the interns and the team stop what they were doing, and focus on this case. As their quest to find answers goes on, they learn more about each other. At one point during the show, they all discuss what they were doing on that day when they heard the news. But the most meaningful moment came when Vazari explains what it meant to be a Muslim on that day and how it changed him. What he says, will really make you think. Pej Vahdat really gives it his all tonight and boy does he deliver. And so does the show that respectfully honored the day that so many have gotten wrong before. Whether you are a regular Bones watcher or not, tonight’s episode is one everyone will enjoy.



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