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[ # ] Craig Ferguson does his show by the light of Geoff Peterson’s eyes!
November 12th, 2012 under Craig Ferguson

Two weeks ago today Jimmy Kimmel had to cancel his show in Brooklyn and David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon did theirs without an audience because of Hurricane Sandy. Well that was the East Coast and Craig Ferguson is on the West Coast. So 11 days later, he unintentionally did a show like theirs, but a Superstorm was not the cause of it. Even though The Late Late Show moved to a new and improved stage a few months, the CBS late night show is still having the same problems as the old one. Shortly after the Scot started taping his show, the lights went out. Instead of calling it a day, he went on with the show. I guess it helps that his Robot Skeleton Sidekick has electric blue eyes that can light up the stage and Geoff Peterson is powered by batteries in his a$$ and not on a power grid like the stage lights. Not only is he there for the laughs, he is there to be a power source when there is no power to be had!
BTW Craig maybe instead of changing stages, you should change studios! We would love to have you do your show here in the Valley like Ellen, Conan and Leno!



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