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November 12th, 2012 under Music

After 35 years of being together, the death of their voice in 1997 and a reality show to find a new singer, INXS has finally decided to call it quits. Yesterday at a concert in Perth Jon Farriss announced that that would be their last show together as a band according to Sidney Morning Herald. No reason was given for their sudden split, but if you ask me it was 15 years too late. They should’ve ended the band after Michael Hutchence died. Without him they were never ever the same, he made them. He was a presence that could never be duplicated, no matter how hard they tried. I saw them in concert with him once and he really knew how to put on a show. For the encore he called the audience, and I do mean the audience, on to the stage and it was crazy. I never saw anyone do that before and never saw anyone do it again. Sadly a short time afterwards he was no longer with us. It was such a tragic loss to the music industry and still is.



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