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November 11th, 2012 under Uncategorized

Tonight at 9p on Fox the once cancelled Family Guy celebrates a huge milestone. Seth MacFarlane’s first cartoon turns 200 tonight, something that at one time never seemed like it would ever be possible.
And on that note, time is a big part of tonight’s episode. Brian has been inviting over women he meets at bars and letting them try out the time machine. When one of them notices that the machine belongs to Stewie and won’t he be mad that he is using it; Brian acts like it no big deal. That is until she points that is has a years used speedometer on it. So he freaks out and tries to reverse those numbers. Only problem is also reverses time and everything is going backwards. So by doing that we get to relive some of favorite moments from the show’s last 199 episode, but in reverse.
Now Stewie and Brian have to figure out how to get time moving forward again before the baby goes back in to Lois and ceases to exist. Will they be able to figure it out or will the next 200 episodes be going backwards instead of forward? You have to tune in for one of the best Family Guy episodes in a really long time to find out.



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