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[ # ] A drunk Daniel Craig asked Sam Mendes to direct Skyfall!
November 11th, 2012 under James Bond, Jimmy Kimmel

Daniel Craig was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday and he told the ABC late night host how he got Sam Mendes to direct Skyfall. Bond, James Bond was at Hugh Jackman’s birthday party, having a few drinks and he started talking to Sam Mendes. He figured that he would pick his brain on what he would do with the next Bond movie and then he decided to ask him to do it. Well the next morning he woke up hungover and was like what did I do? He called his producers and lucky for him they liked the idea of the Oscar winner directing the 23rd movie in the franchise. See anything can happen in Hollywood!
Craig, Daniel Craig also told Kimmel about another director who wasn’t as lucky after meeting him. Quentin Tarantino told Craig that he wanted to direct a 007 movie, but nothing came of that. Personally I think he would be an awful choice, so Craig did the right thing.
So directors of the world if you want to direct a Bond movie, just ask Daniel Craig when he is too drunk to realize what he is asking!



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