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[ # ] Loyalities change on tonight’s Last Resort!
October 25th, 2012 under ABC

Tonight at 8p on ABC’s Last Resort Captain Chaplin and XO Kendal meets with members of the US Government on the US Government to work out a deal so that they can go home. Chaplin only wants a public trial and Kendal is made an offer he can’t refuse. Will they get what they want or will they be staying on the island a little longer?
Meanwhile Grace is charge of the sub for the first time and they are under attack. Will she be forced to use the nukes or will they be hit? The person ordering the hit on the Colorado will surprise you. And the person trying to stop the attack will pay a huge price.
Tonight’s episode is so breathtaking you will feel like you do when you underwater for too long, but you just don’t want to come up for air.



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