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October 22nd, 2012 under Syfy

Tonight at 8p on Syfy it is the battle we have waited all season long on Alphas to happen. It is Dr Rosen vs Stanton Parish and not everyone is going to come out of this alive.
The episode starts off with Dr Rosen trying to get help after being shot. He will have someone at his side guiding him and that person his deceased daughter Danni. She wants revenge against Parish for murdering her and she is using her father to get that. Since she was the thing he loves most, he is happy to use his final breaths to do that. Rosen will go to Gary to help him out, and Gary will help him as best he can but his ailing mom is his only priority.
Meanwhile the rest of the Alphas team and Summer Glau are trying to stop Parish’s plan to kill millions at Grand Central Station. It is now a battle of time to save as many people as possible, will the Alphas be able to do it or will be starting off next season with a whole team? You will have to tune into this heart pumping episode to find out. And the final seconds of the show will leave you utterly speechless wondering how long it will be until the show is back to tell what happens next. I know I can’t wait because the ending is just that awesome.



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