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[ # ] The postal service will go postal to get their money!
October 19th, 2012 under Jimmy Kimmel

As we all know the United State Postal Service is having some financial difficulties because people aren’t sending mail like they used to. So they have come up with an interesting way to raise the money they so desperately need. According to the commercial that aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday, we will only pay for the mail that we want. Of course it will cost more than the price of a stamp, a sh!tload more. But a dying company has to do what it has to do. I have a feeling within days after this method goes into effect, they will be out of debt and way in the black. So much so they could probably take over the world. Yes it would be nice to say sorry I didn’t get that invite to that wedding you don’t want to go to, but what about those medical test results your doctor forgot to call you about. I mean the plan is seriously ingenious. I am going to start selling body parts to save up money to get my mail. What will you do to get the money to pay your mailman?



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