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[ # ] Fan leaves her teeth marks on Danny Bonaduce
October 1st, 2012 under 70s

Danny Bonaduce is a radio DJ in Seattle now and part of the job is doing appearances at local events. Well on Friday The Partridge Family star was doing a meat, I mean meet and greet, at Western Washington casino when a fan asked if she could get a kiss. Happy to oblige, he leaned in to get closer and she bit his cheek. He told KING-5 “It’s like having 10 lit, wadded up cigarettes and stuffing them against my cheek and not having them go out.” The he added, “I’ve been shot and I’ve been stabbed … this hurt worse.”
So does he plan on taking a bite out of crime? Nope, he just wants to know why she did it. I hope the next time they meat, I mean meet up, she is wearing a muzzle for his sake.



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