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[ # ] Did Keith Urban leave Aussie’s The Voice for American Idol?
September 13th, 2012 under Keith & Nicole Urban

Keith Urban spent the summer Down Under being a mentor on The Voice and today he announced that he will not be returning for a second season. Nicole Kidman’s husband released a statement saying, “I’ve been so fortunate to have been a part of The Voice, and as much as I’d love to do it again, it’s clear that the recording and promoting of a new album, a tour, and other commitments will keep me from being a part of the second season.” I am wondering if that other commitment he is referring to is American Idol. Afterall the singer has been rumored to be one of the judges on the show.
Personally I don’t really care if he is or if he isn’t, but I just wish that the Fox singing competition would announce the new set of judges already. I mean it seems like every musician has been up for the job and it’s like they can’t even get anyone to do it so they had bring Randy Jackson back. If I were Randy I would’ve said no because I would’ve been like what am I dawg food?
Seriously Fox just take anybody at this point and let’s move on with already. And on that note can you name the hosts of The X Factor already, so we can’t stop wasting thoughts on that too.



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