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August 14th, 2012 under Uncategorized

Tonight at 10p on Syfy it’s collectors meets hoarders in Collection Intervention. For the next six weeks Elyse Luray is going to visit several people that have amassed such large collections that it is time for them to clean house. Something that is not easy for these collectors do, so Elyse will gingerly try to coax them along in this show that will make you want to collect, I mean watch, every episode.
During tonight’s season premiere she visits a couple that have so many Star Wars collectables that there isn’t a room that is not full of memorabilia from the movie. The wife has been collecting since she was a kid, and she can’t stand to part with anything. But her husband thinks it is time for them to make room for well, anything else but. Finally after several tears she convinces the wife to sell a few of the items to start, but once they begin the auction she decides to stop it. Will she go through with it or will this all be bust?
There is another couple featured on tonight’s episode, but this time it is only the husband that is the collector. Ever since he was a kid, he been getting his hands on anything Catwoman related. When he got married his real life Catwoman banished all of his collections to the garage where they have been battling the elements and have lost their value. Elyse will break his heart when she tells him that a lot of the items are devalued, but she let’s him know he can still make some money off of the collection. Something he so desperately needs because the couple are in debt and really need the money. It will be a hard process, but he knows he is doing the right thing.
So what is coming up for the weeks ahead for Collection Intervention? Here is what she told me on a conference call last week “If memory serves me correctly, a Transformer collection, a robot collection, a Barbie collection where the mother actually has taken over the entire house with her Barbie collection. The kids don’t even have closets anymore.
“We see an underground collection of movie – really movie posters and underground art. We see action figures. What else? That’s pretty much it. Action figures. Movie posters. Barbie. Oh, hot rods. They have a big hot rod collection. A GI Joe collection. So you know, another comic collection.
“And I will say this, there’s not a collection besides Barbie that I walked into where I haven’t seen Yoda. Yoda is everywhere.” There was another collection where Yoda not of part and that was a Flintstone one. That is the one I am most looking forward too. Actually I am looking forward to every episode because let’s be real we all have a collection of something, so it is really interesting to see someone elses and watch what they go through as they have to part ways with some of it. Plus there is just so much cool sh!t on this show and that is more than enough reason to watch.



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