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[ # ] David Duchovny rotates his hips for Jimmy Kimmel!!!
August 14th, 2012 under Jimmy Kimmel, X-Files

David Duchovny was on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and he told the ABC late night host how his kids got him a Carvel cake for his 52nd (yes he is that old) birthday. Then the two of them went into a 5 minute discussion about how the yummy ice cream cakes are and the wacky television ads they had for the place back in the ’80s. Finally he told a joke he used to tell when he was a kid and he wound up rotating his hips in such a way that I so wanted him as much as I wanted a Carvel ice cream cake right then and there.
It also didn’t help that before I went to sleep last night I was reading Fifty Shades of Darker and just finished the part where Christian Grey spreads ice cream all over Anastasia Steele. So when I woke up this morning and watched JKL, I was picturing The X-File man as Grey rubbing his Fudgie the Whale down to my Cookie Puss and I was, well you have read the books, I was as happy as Ana Steele would be!
OK, I am off to buy a Carvel cake so that I can cool down. Then I will eat it while watching Californication and The Rapture. Rapture how appropriate, Mr Duchovny, how appropriate you Red Shoe Diary teaser.
On a serious note if Christian Grey wasn’t 27 years old, couldn’t you see him in the lead role. He has that kind of appeal of a man who could get any woman to do what he wants,



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