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[ # ] Go On goes for gold tonight after the Olympics!
August 8th, 2012 under NBC

When I heard that Matthew Perry was coming back to TV, like so many people I was very happy about. So when I got the fall pilots, I made sure that Go On was going to be the first one that I watched. I knew I was going to love it, but it exceeded my expectations and then some. Tonight after the Olympics you can preview the pilot episode on NBC and you don’t want to miss this show that wins a Gold medal from me.
Matthew Perry plays Ryan King, a radio sportscaster who lost his wife recently and wants to return to work. His boss (John Cho) thinks he needs to get some group therapy before he returns to work. So now King joins a group therapy and he is going to change things up because he doesn’t think he belongs there. Only problem is Lauren (Laura Benanti) who runs the group doesn’t agree with a lot of the things he has been doing. Even though it is helping the group deal with the loss of their loved ones. The sweetest moment comes when King gets Owen (Tyler James Williams) to make a major breakthrough. This group’s way of dealing with death might not be traditional, but it works just like the show!
Perry has a new set of Friends and you are going to like them more than the old ones. Williams, Julie White as Anne, Suzy Nakamura as Yolanda and Brett Gelman as Mr.K fill out the rest of cast and their chemistry together will keep this experiment going on for a rrally long time.
Go On is not like all the other comedies on television and you know what that is a good thing. So Go On and watch this enjoyable show tonight that makes you laugh, but also make you cry a little too!



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