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August 1st, 2012 under Arrested

You can buy almost everything at Walmart and do almost everything there (some college student once spent his spring break there), but a Kansas couple has proven there are two things you can’t do there. According to The Smoking Gun those two things are shoplifting and sex. Hutch News is reporting that Julian Call, 22, and Tina Gianakon, 35, allegedly took some K-Y Jelly and then started fondling each other under their clothes in front of others. The two were charged with “sexual intercourse or sodomy with any person or animal with knowledge or reasonable anticipation that the participants are being viewed by another.” and then released. The couple also reportedly took other items besides to lubricant, but I could not find out if one of those other things were condoms or a pregnancy test. If they weren’t, they might have to go to Target to pick those things up.
BTW is it just me or does Tina look like Shannon Woodward from Raising Hope? There has to be a way that the Fox sitcom can do something with this, couldn’t you see Sabrina and Jimmy getting it on in the store?



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