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[ # ] Political Animals is an affair to remember tonight
July 22nd, 2012 under USA Network

Political Animals is back with its second episode on USA tonight at 10p and I honestly think it is better than the pilot.
In tonight’s episode we flash back to the moment that Elaine Barrish (Sigourney Weaver) found out her husband former-President of the United States (Ciarán Hinds) cheated on her. As you watch those flashbacks, you get to think that this is what Hillary Clinton must’ve gone through when she found out Bill Clinton and his many mistresses. It is played out with such heart and such compassion, you can’t help be drawn into Elaine’s lowest moment and find yourself feeling for her. You get to see how just tough and yet how weak she is when the man she loves betrayed her.
Now back to the current day her ex-husband is being sent overseas to get three American hostages back to the USA who have been sentenced to death. You get to witness what it must be like for international political figures negotiate for human lives and what stupidities can hinder that goal. Will Bud Hammond be able to do it or will he serve his ex-wife yet another embarrassment to her overstuffed plate? You will have to tune in to find and watch it all the way until the end because someone very close to her will betray her big time in the final seconds of the show. I can’t tell you who, but I can say you will be left with your mouth wide open, kind of like one of Bud’s ex-mistresses…
What makes Political Animals so special is that Greg Berlanti creates heartfelt family dramas that everyone can relate to and you can actually feel for the characters. His words and scenarios just grab hold of your heart strings and never let go. Out of all the show creators out there, I think he writes the realest characters on TV. And unlike other shows, the man who brought us Everwood and Eli Stone, writes episodes that have a feel good feeling about them. I am always happy when some graduates from one of his shows to create their own because that means there will be more shows like his on TV and let’s be honest we all need them.



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