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[ # ] Gotta love a Family Feud question that leads to an answer being pen!s
July 2nd, 2012 under Steve Harvey

Family Feud likes to go there and they totally went there when Steve Harvey asked “Name something you wish was a little bigger?” Of course when he asked the question to a guy, the contestant started off explaining that he doesn’t have the problem. The game show host was like you don’t have to give a speech before this answer, so the guy just said “pen!s” and looked down in shame. Steve knew it was coming so he just stood there in shock as he realized that word really came out of Corey’s mouth and then he bit his lip so that he would not be caught laughing uncontrollably. So he did the only thing he could do and that was to ask the guy’s pregnant wife what she thought of her husband’s answer. She said she didn’t understand why he said that. No matter what answers were on that board that day, that was the best one given on the show in a really long time. He better her buy something huge and expensive for that.
Now when it comes to Corey, he is going to have the time like his last name when he gets home…Ruff. Even though his wife said he was huge.
And finally yes the answer was on the board, did you really think it wouldn’t be?



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