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[ # ] Rosie confirms The View picture is photoshopped
August 31st, 2006 under The View

they retouched katie …
they airbrush everyone
in everything we see on tv or in print

i did a movie called beautiful girls
an ensemble piece
by teddy demme
uma tin matt mira me
i saw the poster and said aloud
“i didn’t know courtney cox was in this film”
it wasn’t courtney – it was me

i called my agent – laughing
she called harvey w
i was on the phone listening
he said
so what- she should thank me – she looks a lot better

and that
my friends
is hollywood

the suit i wore that day is a size 16
it was very expensive
which means it is really more like an 18

my a&f turtleesq cargo shorts
r size 36
all my t shirts r xxl
shoe size 9

i saw the view black suit photo
on drudge
and i vote yes
it was photo-shopped
look at the amount of white space
between my arm and body
barbara and elisabeth seem to vanish
there in my underarm thinnest
yes i say

R blog 

Or at least I think she confirms it, I never understand what she says. 



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