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[ # ] April Bowlby talks about her new Drop Dead Diva look!!
June 19th, 2012 under Lifetime

If you are a fan of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva like I am, then you noticed that April Bowlby, who plays Stacy, looked different this Sunday. The actress changed up her look by cutting her long blonde hair up to her shoulders. When I saw her with her gorgeous new do, I wanted to know if it was a Felicity type situation. So I spoke with the actress and asked if it was her decision or the producers. She laughed as she said, “I cut my hair and then they had to work it in to the show.” But then she got more serious as she told me, “Honestly, I just kind of got tired of the same hairstyle. It has been four years now. I just thought that I needed a change and I feel like the character also needed a refresher.” She then added, “On our show we talk about fashion; and I feel like it was time to shake it up a little bit and get some cool hairstyle going on. I did it for the character and I also did it selfishy for me.” Sometimes being selfish works and this time it totally did. She looked amazing with the longer hair, but the long bob really frames her face and highlights her big eyes.
So how does she like her new shoulder length hairstyle? She gushed as she said, “I love that it takes a few seconds to get out the door. I think that short hair is awesome because you don’t really have to do it. It looks fine fumpled and messed up.” Talking about her old hair she explained, “With long hair you have to blow that out. It needs to look good or be pulled back, like there is nothing in between. I’m not the type of girl who does my hair, so short hair definitely works better for me.” And she is definitely working it on Drop Dead Dive.
Now you want to know a little secret about the color of her hair? When April played Khandi on Two and a Half Men she was red head, and now on the Lifetime Dramedy she is a blonde. So what is her natural hair color? She let me know she was born mousey brunette. No matter what shade of Charlie’s Angles hair color she has, she will always look fantastic.



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