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[ # ] DJ Qualls proves why mabe you should’nt do talk shows jet lagged
May 31st, 2012 under Craig Ferguson

(starts at 5:49 in)

DJ Qualls was on The Late Late Show on Tuesday right after he returned from Europe and it might not have been his best move. The New Guy was extremely jet lagged and he didn’t really care what he said on the show. So he had a conversation with Craig Ferguson about how peeing in public restrooms in London is different over there than here. He told the Scot that is like there is a spotlight on your pen!s as you pee (because there is) and that makes him feel uncomfortable. So much so his Hustle couldn’t Flow. If the Road Trip actor’s peepee is as big as nose, he has nothing to be embarrassed about. Not that he really cares anymore because that is new outlook on life. He told the CBS late night host that if any of his stories bombed, “f*ck it!”
Well none of his stories bombed and they were just as cute as him. But maybe next time he should wait until the jet lag is over before he goes on live television. It might save him from having to explain to people why his pen!s gets shy if other people see it. Well at least when the one eyed monster sees other men at the urinals.



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