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[ # ] Madonna’s big FU to Lady Gaga
May 28th, 2012 under Lady Gaga, Madonna

As soon as Lady Gaga’s song Born This Way was released everyone said that it sounded a lot like Madonna’s Express Yourself. Well now the Queen of Pop is responding and she is doing it in a big way. While rehearsing for her MDNA tour in Tel Aviv, someone recorded her mashing up her classic with one of Gaga’s biggest hits. Hearing the two songs together there is no denying how much they sound like.
But it didn’t stop there, it appears she is going from Express Yourself this Way into her song She’s Not Me. Read the lyrics to the song and see if you think the song was a premonition of what was to be?
It looks like we have a Pop War in the works and I think age is going to beat out beauty in this cat fight.



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