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[ # ] NBC is liking Parenthood, but 30 Rock not so much
May 10th, 2012 under NBC

NBC had decided to bring back two fan favorite’s, Parenthood and 30 Rock, for another season, but the news for the latter isn’t so happy. TV Line says that Tina Fey’s multi-Emmy winning (I am pretty sure that is NBC’s only show that can say that) comedy will be back for 13 and out season. So now NBC can say that he fired Alec Baldwin before he quits them.
Now when it comes to the Bravermans, TV Line says they will be back for a 15 episode fourth season.
I guess network head Robert Greenblatt is using his cable model of shorter seasons for his shows. I wonder if his plans backfires if his season will be cut short too? I mean how much worse can the network do? It’s not like more people watched The CW’s The Vampire Diaries than Awake last week, oh wait they did…

UPDATE: Roseanne‘s return to scripted TV with John Goodman is a no-go. She Tweeted, “NBC obviously felt that our pilot was not right for their network. I’m Ok with hearing ‘no’-it makes me work harder!” I am bummed about this because I was looking forward to having her back on TV. She is actually funny when she is scripted.

UPDATE 2: NBC gets an A for picking up Community for another season. The would’ve gotten an A+ if they picked it up for more than 13 episodes though.

UPDATE 3: TV Line says NBC also picked up Parks and Recreation, Up all Night and Whitney for a season. Why Whitney? What did she do for that renewal? Don’t answer, I don’t want to know. NBC cancelled Are You There Chelsea? Bent? BFF, Awake and Harry’s Law. I think the last one was a mistake on NBC’s part, but then again I don’t think the network head is really doing because afterall he did renew Whitney for another season.



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