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[ # ] Bruce Springsteen Dancing in the Dark with his mom
April 2nd, 2012 under Music

Back in 1984 Bruce Springsteen made Courteney Cox famous by dancing with her in the music video for his song Dancing in the Dark. Well on Thursday the singer did a dance on stage to that same song with the woman who made him…his mom. The 62 year old rocker brought his nearly 90 year old mom Adelle on stage with him and danced with her to enjoyment of the Philly crowd and all of us. Adelle might be in her 80’s, but she can show people a 1/4th of her age how it is done. And who doesn’t love that even though Springsteen is in his 60’s, he is still a mama’s boy. It just makes me love the Jersey boy was Born in the USA a little more.



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