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[ # ] Slam dunk, a Kardashian traded!
December 11th, 2011 under The Kardashians

(photo from Lamar Odom’s Twitter)

The Los Angeles Lakers have traded Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks and that means his wife Khloe Kardashian will follow her man. The youngest sister of the three Kardashian will be leaving the pack and traveling to the Lone Star State. What that means the Kardashian Klan only time and E! will tell, but I think it is a start for them to slowly go away.
So how does Khloe feel about leaving her family and basically fame? Here is what she Tweeted, “I am sure I will love it but I am a tad thrown off” If worse comes to worse, she can always come back but let’s hope she stays there!
One Kardashian down, many more to go!



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