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[ # ] I love, I love The Exes!
November 30th, 2011 under TV Land

TV Land debuts its fourth original sitcom at 10:30p tonight, and I am shocked by how much I like The Exes. Kristen Johnson who plays a divorce lawyer who lives next her former-clients. The newest resident is David Alan Basche (The Starter wife), who is recently divorced and still thinks he can get back with his wife even though there is no chance in hell of that happening. Then there is Wayne Knight (Seinfeld) and it is obvious why he is divorced. Finally there is Donald Faison (Scrubs, Clueless) who is a player.
The two original guys like just living together and that’s it, while Basche wants to be friends with his roommates and that will being a new dynamic to the apartment. They are an odd pairing, but just like the show it works. And next week’s episode is hysterical as the very tall Kristen Johnson dates a Jockey.
The show has just as much humor as it has heart and that is what makes a great sitcom! So tune into it tonight and every Wednesday at 10:30p on TV Land after Hot In Cleveland that is back for a new season.



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