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[ # ] Chelsea Hobbs won’t compete in Make It or Break It’s season 3
November 27th, 2011 under Freeform

Earlier this year Chelsea Hobbs got pregnant with her second child and that pregnancy was written in to Make It or Break It. When her character Emily decided to keep her baby, she was written off the show in a way that left it open for her to return. Even though she wasn’t killed off, the other show’s character made mention that by having the baby her body would change and she wouldn’t be able to compete in gymnastics the same way.
Well it looks likes the ABC Family show is going with the latter and writing Emily off of the show. Today the actress was asked if she would be back for season 3 and she said, “Sorry not doing season 3:(”
I personally think this is a huge mistake because she was my favorite character on the show. She was the underdog with talent that was new to the whole competing for the Olympics. She was the one I was rooting for because she had to work the hardest to catch up. The show was different without her, so much so I am not sure I want to watch it without her. Seriously I don’t know why she can’t back to the show, if Payson can come back from a broken back then why can’t Emily come back from a pregnancy?



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