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[ # ] Simon Le Bon disses MTV!
November 16th, 2011 under Duran Duran

Last week Duran Duran launched one of the most talked about music videos of the year and yesterday Simon Le Bon took to Twitter to say how Girl Panic could actually air on MTV. He said, “MTV excited about a DD vid! Whoever would’ve believed it?” And then he added, “Of course, I do mean MTV the website. To get on MTV the TV channel we’d have to do some reality nonsense about setting teddy bears pants on fire while on spring break in Ft Lauderdale, or suchlike.” You know what’s sad is that he so right.
Here are some other ways D2 could get on MTV. Simon could be a pregnant 16 year old girl? Or he could get his GTL on, do a crap load of sit ups and show off his abs as he tries to smush as many women as possible? The 4 members of the band could move into a house in some strange city as the cameras follow them around? Or wait since he has the beard maybe he can be a Teen Wolf? How do you think Duran Duran’s and other musicians could actually get their music videos on MusicTV?



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