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[ # ] It’s time for a Gavin wedding on Rescue Me!
August 31st, 2011 under Denis Leary

The moment we have been waiting for all season on Rescue Me happens tonight on FX at 10p and you are not going to want to miss Colleen and Shawn’s wedding! While her parents try to prevent her big day from being destroyed in a typical Gavin family fashion, it ain’t going to happen. Watch how the perfect day gets ruined over and over and over again, but the day will be saved by a very special moment you will never see coming.
Once the wedding is over, the final moments of the second to last episode of the show sets up what is going to happen in the beyond powerful series finale.
Get your tissues ready because you will be crying tears of joys for Colleen and Shawn, tears of laughter for what happens during their wedding and tears of sadness but you have to watch to see why.
This show is going out with a gigantic bang, so watch one of the very last episodes of one of the greatest written, acted and produced shows ever!
BTW I am so happy that the show didn’t end with the nuptials and ends the way it does. But I will tell you about that next week.



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