Seriously? OMG! WTF?Amy Fisher claims the Celebrity Rehab producers threaten to make her look bad - Seriously? OMG! WTF?
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[ # ] Amy Fisher claims the Celebrity Rehab producers threaten to make her look bad
August 22nd, 2011 under VH1/MTV

Amy Fisher took the Twitter yesterday to say that the Celebrity Rehab producers threatened to make her look bad unless she did what they wanted. She says that she refused, so she went on a long rant how she is not an addict and that they paid her to be on the show. She added that the producers only turned on her when she wouldn’t sit down with Mary Jo, you know the woman whose husband she was having an affair with and then shot in the face leaving her face partially paralyzed:
Here is what she said on Twitter last night as her episode of Celebrity Rehab aired on VH1.

Guys,FYI,Celeb Rehab is a paid show. It is not scripted but edited for your entertainment.I agreed to a post show interview during which time they told me I had to revisted my tabloid episode from 20 yrs past.I would not agree and they threatened they would make me look bad if I did not comply.I told they go ahead, it ain’t like they r the first. F Celeb Rehab.It is a fake show. It is all about ratings!!!
Mary Jo was PAID for Celeb Rehab final episodes. She was suposed to say “nice” things about me “moving on” but when I refused to sit with her the producers got nasty, threatened me and changed it to make me look like a bad person.
And besides it is a show about “addiction” not tabloid ratings. I was always “sober”. I went on the show b/c the paycheck really helped me. Guys, Celeb Rehab uses clever editing. Its not real Most reality shows r scams.I know 4 a fact celeb rehab is b/c I was there.ask @k8major …when you don’t “comply, they make u look bad.
And for those thinking I was in rehab.LOL, a producer called me, offered me $ to go on the show. To silence past guests they tell them they are working on reality shows just for them. It works. They promised me the same thing, it’s a joke
And it’s my birthday…as if it didn’t suck enough
I do know the final episodes Of Celeb Rehab I will look like a bad person.Producer told me if I did not comply they would destroy me
Keep in mind though,they didn’t “destroy” me all season,only decided to hurt me when I wouldn’t “comply” when they came to my home last week
You guys be the judge…don’t be fooled

So I guess we will see on Sunday if they edit her to look badly and her claims are true…
BTW former-Celebrity Rehaber Mackenzie Philllips sent a Tweet to the Long Island Lolita, “I never experienced what you’re saying abt celeb rehab. Neither has anyone else that I know of, for that matter. @drdrew”. To which she responded by saying, “I’m glad u had a good expierence.My bad expierence was with producers not Dr.Drew.xo”


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