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[ # ] Is Seth Green addicted to kidnapping other celebrities?
July 27th, 2011 under Seth Green, Zachary Levi

Back in September Seth Green kidnapped Zachary Levi and the two detailed everything about the hostage taking on Twitter. Well I guess the Robot Chicken creator enjoyed taking someone hostage, so much so he tried it again at San Diego Comic Con with Breckin Meyer. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer werewolf Tweeted, “Thanks for visiting #SDCC @breckinmeyer ! Tell your family you’re gonna be late getting home=)” along with the above photo and I am wondering what he did with the Franklin and Bash star because has anyone seen or heard from him since?
But then again the duct tape on his mouth might not be as much as a kidnapping attempt, but his way of getting Breckin to stop licking him. Because here is what Meyer Tweeted with the below picture that might have provoked our favorite little red head, “Lick a @sethgreen, it takes like a @sethgreen! Yep, tastes like a furry Cheeto.” OK, who else besides me (and Britney Spears) is curious what a furry Cheeto aka Seth Green tastes like?



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