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[ # ] Jason Alexander’s new hair!!!
July 26th, 2011 under Seinfeld

Last week I posted that Jason Alexander Tweeted, “I am experimenting with some interesting hair systems. Don’t be shocked if you suddenly see pics of me with more hair than usual.” Well yesterday at the premiere for The Captains he debuted his fuller head of hair. The Seinfeld star looks great with some hair on the top of his head! He looks just like he did when he was 23 starring in a Canada Dry commercial.
To see the difference of how he looks now as compared to how he looked before the experiment, here he is on July 4th. What a big difference in just three weeks! And you know what I think he looks good either way!

UPDATE: When I Tweeted him that I liked his new look, Jason Alexander Tweeted back “Well, it’s kind of a work in progress. And the head and I are dating. We’re not committed yet. But thanks.” I am not married to either look, so I will be happy with whatever look he decides to go steady with.
Seriously if you are not following Jason Alexander on Twitter, you should because he is one of my favorite Tweeters!!!



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