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[ # ] Was CNN really once the most trusted name in news?
June 14th, 2011 under TV News

When CNN first started out it was known as “Chicken Noodle News”, then it became known as “the most trusted name in news” and now I think the network a just joke. First I thought it was bad when they hired a disgraced Governor, who admitted to hiring prostitutes, to host one of their shows. Then I thought it was ridiculous they spent a lot of money to have a reality show judge replace Larry King. Well yesterday they had their low-rated host John King moderate a debate with the Republican Presidential Candidates and he sunk the network to a low.
Back in 1994 MTV held a Town Meeting and a member of the audience asked President Clinton, “boxers or briefs?” Well I guess CNN thought that was a good idea and had King play a game of what they call “this or that”? with them. And the questions he asked them was, “Elvis or Johnny Cash”, “Dancing with the Stars or American Idol”, “Blackberry or iPhone”, “deep dish or thin crust”, “spicy or mild (wings)” and finally “Coke or Pepsi”? Seriously CNN? Seriously? This what you ask Presidential Candidates? Come the f*ck on? Be respectful. Those questions make you look like joke and sad.
There is a time and place for everything and that is not the place to ask those type of questions? CNN should’ve played “this or that” with the candidates and asked what they think of John King’s show, the lowest rated show on their primetime lineup by far. The questions could’ve been “boring or snoozest?” or “skip or don’t watch” Shall I go on?
This editorial has nothing to do with political sides, but how a news network that claims to be the “most trusted name in news” can ask such ridiculous questions during a serious debate? Is this where news is going these days? No wonder I can’t watch it anymore? I miss the days when respected people told us what was going on in the world. Those days are long gone. Which is really devastating to me.
BTW I am completely shocked that this video was posted on CNN’s site and their YouTube page because I would want to bury this in a place where no one could ever find it and not be proud that they asked such ridiculous questions.
Side note to Newt Gingrich, when they asked “American Idol or Dancing with the Stars?”, he should’ve said DWTS because now there is no way they are going to ask him to do the show when he drops out of the race…



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