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May 18th, 2011 under Glee

Matthew Morrison is so sick of people calling him by his Glee’s character name Mr Schuester that he wrote a song about it and put it on his new album. According to InTouch he told the crowd at VH1’s Save The Music before he played My Name that it’s “about the duality about being me and Mr. Schuester, and kind of how I walk down the street and people are like, ‘Oh, hey, it’s Mr. Schuester.'” He then added, “No one really knows my name. Which is Matthew Morrison, by the way. And so this is a song I wrote about that.” Just for that I will always call him Mr Schue!
I always hate when celebs like him, Dustin Diamond and Jaleel White tell their fans not to call them by their character names. Instead of taking it as a negative, think of it as people loved what you did so much they are happy to see the character they enjoy watching in person. They know you are not your character, but at that moment they are showing they appreciated a job well done.
Oh and Matt maybe if you called your tour Mr Schuester you wouldn’t be an opening act on another bands’ tour and touring on your own? Just thinking aloud.



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