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[ # ] Breaking In has Goonies 2 in their hands tonight!
May 4th, 2011 under Fox

Tonight at 930p on Fox’s Breaking In, Contra Security has a copy of Goonies 2 in their possession and they need to protect it from all the geeks at Comic-Con that are dying to get the greasy little hands on it.
So why did they choose Goonies 2 over all the other movies in Geekdom? Here is what show creator Adam F Goldberg told us during a conference call last week, “Goonies is the reason I became a writer. You know, that was the movie from my childhood I saw a trillion times, know every line. And when we were doing this episode, which is about you know a movie being stolen. It was roughly based when – off of when Wolverine got stolen and went online. We thought, piracy was a cool kind of thing for the group to take on. The studios were really hesitant. We tried to get Green Lantern and a bunch of movies coming out. But I think understandably, the subject matter of a moving being stolen and going on line was a little iffy for them. So I thought well, what’s the one movie that I feel like should be made and it’s not in current active development? And that was Goonies 2 for me. So it really became a way for me to have Goonies kind of play out to the group as this whole adventure happens for them.” We have all grown up with Goonies, so I am sure this episode is going to be Good Enough for Cyndi Lauper and all of us!!!
For those of you who are missing out on this witty comedy, you missed how Cash joined Contra Security. He did so when he was caught stalking William Shatner, so I had to know if Alphonso McAuley, who plays him, will be stalking anyone at the geek festival. So who will that unlucky celebrity be? Well Goldberg told us he was going to go after one celeb, but things didn’t work out in the final script. So here is what would’ve happened had it happened, “In our first draft, we had a whole runner where he was stalking Gil Gerard. And Gil Gerard was ultimately his alibi when Cash was accused of stealing the movie. So that kind of unfortunately fell out. I really wanted to focus on the character story and not make it about Gil Gerard as much.So – it’s so funny that you asked that question because I was defiantly there in many drafts, but ultimately kind of opted for having it be a little bit more about the character and not so much about having him stalk a Sci-Fi guy. I just wanted to meet Gil Gerard. That’s what it was.” He then added how it would’ve ended, “And then Gil Gerard gave Cash an autograph that said, ‘Go away. Gil Gerard.” That’s what the head shot said.'” Too bad that won’t be in the episode, but plenty of other obscure references will be. So watch it live and DVR it too because you are going to watch it few times to make sure you get them all. I know I have done that with every episode so far!!!



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